Maui Jet Ski

Ahhhhh....the salty sea spray in your face. A stiff breeze cools you in the warm, tropical air. Beneath you, a 300 horsepower Jet Ski rumbles with a tight rhythm as you cruise the waters of Maui splashing and dashing in the Pacific ocean...

Can you see it?

Can you feel it?

Want to join in the fun?

You can and you definitely should! It's an all out blast!!

What makes it so amazing is the backdrop of Maui.

Being able to ride and control your own Jet Ski means you can see and explore the shore and waters surrounding the island.

It's Called a Jet Ski but....

Several manufacturers have personal watercraft that can be used in ocean waters including Kawaski (Jet Ski), Bombardier, Honda and Yamaha.

Keep in mind, Jet Ski is the term used for this class of vehicle, but a Jet Ski is actually just a brand name. Kawasaki manufactures Jet Ski which is a brand of personal watercraft.

All personal watercraft (PWC) basically do the same thing.

They let you have fun on the water!

Which waters are the best for a Maui jet ski adventure?

A great place to jet ski is Kaanapali.


Because it is one of the most beautiful shorelines of the island and there are companies ready to take care of your jet ski rental needs there.

Think about it....Whether you want to ride alone or as a couple, this can be an amazing memory-maker!

Also, it's a great sport for families with children. Riding in pairs is easy and life-vests are a requirement which reduces risks. Moms and Dads can become rock stars as they take their kids on ocean jet skiing experience!

So where do you go to rent these?

Once place that we like is Pacific Jet Sports. Ted King and the folks at Pacific Jet Sports love working with beginners and make your first time out a success by taking the time necessary to ensure you have informed, safe fun.

Located in Kaanapali, Pacific Jet Sports is customer centered and focuses on customer enjoyment and satisfaction as a top priority.

At Pacific Jet Sports you can rent a Honda Aquatrax personal watercraft. They are top quality vehicles and Pacific makes sure you know what to do and how to do it so that you maximize your riding experience.

You can check out a “commercial” of theirs here: COMMERCIAL

Whether you choose Pacific Jet Sports or another wonderful rental company, make sure you that if you have any interest in this activity you take advantage of it on Maui.

The pricing is usually around $70-80 for 1 hour and if you choose to go to an hour and a half, the additional half hour is usually discounted significantly...meaning take advantage of it! Have fun and let us know how it goes!

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