Maui's Things to do by Sea

Newsflash!!! Maui is a tropical island in the heart of the Pacific Ocean!!!

Yes, Maui is so much more than that, but never forget that at the end of the day, this gorgeous island is surrounded on all sides by an ocean. Better than that, the configuration of the island in relation to the other Hawaiian Islands as well as Pacific Ocean currents and depths creates an incredibly diverse and varied shoreline.

So whether you are looking for calm waters like you'll find at Keawakapu Beach just north of Kehei-

-or crashing surf like you'll find at the surf break known as Jaws (on the Northside of the island off of the Hana Highway), you can find it on the shoreline of Maui.

Talk about choices...Whether you are looking for white, red or even black sand...Maui's got it! And if you're looking for something a little more rustic, its got that too!

Finding things to do by sea is as easy as walking up to any part of the coast and looking around. Trust me, you'll find something fun to do!

Whether you are looking for something as serine as sun-bathing or as dynamic as deep sea fishing, Maui offers it all.

The big bonus is that the weather is so conducive for outdoor activities that a healthy part of the Maui economy is set up to accommodate all kinds of water sports and ocean activities.

Snorkeling Maui

One of the most enjoyable activities we've had the privilege to try is snorkeling in Maui. Maui snorkeling provides sights that can be both beautiful and moving.

The variety of tropical fish in color, size and shape is incredible.

Everyone who takes snorkeling trips in Maui learns the 3 species of aquatic life that you've GOT TO look for while you're out there.

Among them are the humuhumunukunukuapuaa...the state fish of Hawaii. In addition those beauties, the larger sea life that is visible is something tremendous to experience first hand.

My wife, Kim, has said of all the things to do in Maui that we have shared, snorkeling is her favorite. In part, it was both a lot of fun and it was a snap to learn.

Snorkeling is easy to pick up if you've never done it before...

Once you understand which gear is right for you, where to head to and who you can trust to get you there, snorkeling in Maui is a blast!

A basic package is surely enough, but what equipment could make your experience more special? That's where the experts come in.

It really helps to know what you are looking to experience in deciding which snorkeling location would fit you best. Here is some information that might be useful to you!

Maui Sport Fishing Charters

Do you like heart-pounding thrills?

The battle for supremacy?

A dire struggle where life literally rests in the balance?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, did you know that you could experience all of it on Maui?

.....yeah, I didn't think so...This is one of the amazing things to do in Maui that catches you off guard. Especially if you aren't familiar with deep sea fishing!

And deep sea fishing most definitely encompasses all those thrilling notions noted above.

I never realized what an amazing and exhilarating sport deep sea fishing can be. And when you've got the right charter company and more importantly, the right captain, you are in for the ride of your life! This image is from Maui Sport Fishing Charters.

Maui's waters are full of some of the most resilient and powerful fighters the world's oceans offer. Be it blue Marlin or Mahi Mahi, the fish can be as big as a small car and put up a fight like a prized heavyweight!

Click here if you'd like to learn more about deep sea fishing Maui

Whale Watching in Maui

There is something about being close to a whale that leaves me in a state of awe. Finding life changing things to do anywhere isn't easy. If you are looking for life changing thing to do in Maui....this could be it.

I don't know if it's the sheer size, the incredible power or it's gentle grace, but I think that it's the combination of all three. And there aren't that many places in the world that you can experience their presence like you can in Maui.

What's so amazing about the whale watching activities is that all that separates us from the whale is the hull of the boat and the water we both share.

It's different than seeing dolphins or even killer whales in the wild (though both of those activities are a blast).

This is a sea creature who's mass can rival or exceed that of the boat that we are on. It could, if it chose, capsize us with one explosive breach across our bow.

But instead, this gentle giant chooses to either ignore us completely or interact with us on a level of intelligence that cannot be comprehended.

Sounds amazing doesn't it? It is.

My 1st experience with humpbacks left me feeling....incredibly small. Oddly, I was also left with a feeling of kinship with the whale. We shared a was brief. Literally like to ships passing in the night. But I am forever changed by it.

To read more about my 1st Whale watching experience, click here.

Kim and I were fortunate to have an experienced crew and a capable captain that enabled us to be in a position to even share that moment. We believe, more than anything, the captain and their crew are the key to have a great experience.

When you go whale watching in Maui, make sure you find a good crew.

To find out what makes a crew good, click here.

Maui Parasailing

Have you ever wanted to fly?

Have you ever wanted to sky dive?

What if you could lift off like a kite?

You can experience all of that and so much more when you give parasailing a try.

When Monica tried it, she was worried about things to do in Maui that would be like roller coasters. Yet, afterwards, she has gained a profound appreciation for the sense of freedom it provides (she still doesn't like roller coasters, though)

Not only did she have the chance to try something new, but she got to experience Maui in a very unique way.....from ABOVE!

First, there is the lift off. Then there is the gradual climb to altitude. Once you're up there, it's an absolute buffet for the senses. These kinds of things to do tend to change the way you see things!

Of the view she said, “On the one hand, everything began to pull away and shrink, but at the same time, by climbing above it all, I got the most wonderful view of the islands. It felt like I could see forever!”

Kim and I have not had the pleasure to try parasailing because of the season we have chosen to travel. Certain activities are strictly seasonal. This is one of those activities.....and it's seasonal for a VERY good reason!

One of the things to do that replaces parasailing for 6 months out of the year has been so special to us, we haven't been able to bring ourselves to travel to Maui in any other season!

Click here if you'd like to read about our favorite seasonal activity!

Want to know who we recommend for any parasailing activities? click here.

Maui Jet Ski

The popular term of Jet Ski is like the equally popularized term Kleenex. With both, the brand name has become synonymous with the product.

And just like Kimberly Clark makes Kleenex which is a brand of nasal tissue, Kawasaki manufactures Jet Ski which is a brand of personal watercraft.

Whatever you call it...if you get a chance this is one of the most enjoyable things to do in Maui!

Several manufacturers have joined Kawaski in making personal watercraft such as Bombardier, Honda and Yamaha.

It's like cars, or motorcycles or trucks. All basically do the same thing. They just do it their own way.

One thing is consistent: Instead of using a propeller, a these personal watercraft are propelled by jets of water. (and they are a ton of fun!)

Boarding and mounting a Jet Ski is very easy. Like weebles, they wobble but don't fall down (because they float, but they also don't flip). Just climb on from the back evenly and you're in the game very quickly.

Like all powered watercraft, you need to wear a life-vest or some equivalent personal flotation apparel.

Imagine riding one of these personal fun factories in the warm waters of Maui. There are plenty of places to rent Jet Skis on Maui. Let me share with you where to and why.

To read about Jet Skiing in Maui in detail, click here.

Stand-Up Paddle Surfing

First of all, I think that we should agree on what to call it. I have heard it called "beach boy surfing", "ku ho'e hee nalu", "stand up paddle boarding", "stand up paddle surfing" or just "SUPing". For the sake of brevity, I'm going to refer to it as SUPing.

SUPing is a Hawaii original. Like surfing, it owes its roots to the ancient form of aquatic travel known as paddle boarding which began in Polynesia.

Modern SUPing was born in the late 1950s and early 1960s in the surf of Waikiki. There, a group of surfers known as "the beach boys" (not to be confused with the popular rock band of the same era from California), developed this method of standing on their boards as a means of watching their pupils learning to surf.

Since then, it has become a worldwide phenomenon that is not only fun and a competitive sport but can be one of more leisurely things to do in Maui.

Since 1997, one of the sellout spectator events of Maui is the annual, 32 mile Molokai-2-O'ahu Paddle Board Championships.

There, both paddle boarders and SUPers compete for immortal glory.

This is one of those fantastic things to do in Maui for everyone! It's much easier to learn than conventional surfing and can be enjoyed by the child in all of us (as illustrated by legendary surf pro Laird Hamilton above).

For more details on stand up paddle surfing and how you can join the fun, click here.

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