Maui Helicopter Tours

Maui helicopter tours provide a visual perspective like NOTHING else! I have said again and again how Maui needs to be experienced. And there are a variety of was to do this. As one of the things to do by air on Maui, it gives travelers the opportunity to see much of the island in a single, eye-popping tour from above.

The island is big enough that experiencing all of it during one vacation is next to impossible. Maui helicopter tours are great for giving perspective. They can also provide a frame of reference as you decide what you'd like to see and explore more closely.

I recommend taking your helicopter tour the first day you are on the island. The tour can provide you with a literal road map to the rest of your visit. By seeing something first hand from above, as well as having a map to co-locate it, you'll have a leg up on most tourists visiting the island!

In addition to helping you plan the rest of your trip, you'll see things that you wouldn't otherwise be able to see without great effort or expense.

For example, there are miles and miles of Haleakala National Park in southern Maui that are forbidden to be traveled by rental cars.

You can experience these forbidden areas from above without restrictions!!!

Who do you Take your Helicopter Tour With?

I really like the folks at Air Maui. Not only are they some of the most reasonably priced on the island, they also have some of the best pilots (which makes all the difference in the world).

To learn a little bit more about them, feel free to check out this video I found:

This is of those Maui things to do by air that is worth every penny! Do not underestimate the importance of perspective. You will love this experience and it will totally enhance your Maui vacation!

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