The Best Hotels in Maui

The best hotels in Maui come from an eclectic list of wonderful stays ranging from super luxury Maui resorts to quaint, quiet bed and breakfasts.

The quality of these Maui resorts, bed & breakfasts, inns, cottages, condos and villas lies in the experience that the establishment provides for their guests.

Regardless of the type of stay, this list of "best of"s consistently under promises their greatness and then over delivers on their customer satisfaction while taking advantage of a very special feature available only to them.

This leaves their guests with a deep desire to come back for more.

The Best Maui Luxury Resorts

All of the best hotels in Maui share a common trait or special feature. Each chooses to build the foundation of their resort on a major advantage over other luxury resorts in the world...

They have chosen to locate their resort on the island of Maui! Sharing Maui as a backdrop cannot be underestimated...

The best hotels in Maui integrate the natural beauty of the island with their own particular style. They all find a way to make the island the star of their show.

And why not?! The the terrain, flora and shoreline are incredibly captivating, even breath-taking. To be able to utilize the island's innate beauty allows the Maui resorts to take a step beyond luxury....Kim and I simply call it "super luxury".

So of the "super luxury" resorts on the island, several have distinguished themselves well beyond reasonable expectations.

The following are our favorite super luxury resorts in Maui:

The Very Best Maui Resorts of Lahaina

Honua Kai Resort

One of our top choices for super luxury Maui resorts is Honua Kai Resort in Lahaina.

Talk about a room with a view! As the picture shows, this is a spectacularly beautiful property on the Western Pacific shore of Lahaina which is a part of the resort rich area of West Maui.

Honua Kai offers accommodations for parties from 2-8 individuals. This allows large families or multiple families to stay while spreading the cost over the entire group which makes Maui that much more affordable.

Honua Kai is definitely a "family friendly" resort as it appeals to couples as well as families with children.

Pricing is incredibly reasonable for the property's location and it has the added bonus of being a condo property which allows vacations the option of booking directly with the condo owners, not just the management of the property.

If you would like to learn more about Honua Kai, click here.

Westin Kaanapali Ocean Resort Villas

Family friendly is the first thing that comes to mind when I talk about the Westin Kaanapali Ocean Resort Villas. This luxury timeshare resort has a gorgeous property filled with fun for kids and adults alike.

This is the kind of resort that remembers what amenities are important and essential for a family on vacation and has designed with families in mind.

But just because they take care of families, don't think that they have forgotten about couples!

This resort has a gourmet deli, a well stocked general store, a wonderful outdoor grill and a fantastic italian grill. This is just the beginning. If you are looking for a "walk out the door" paradise in a fun town FULL of things to do and outstanding eateries, consider the Westin Kaanapali Ocean Resort Villas!

To learn more about this beautiful property, click here.

The Very Best Maui Resorts of Wailea

The Four Seasons Maui

Wailea is home to the pinnacle of Maui resorts, The Four Seasons Resort Maui. It is THE super luxury resort that all resorts are compared to.

Rates start around $500 per night and go up from there. I have never met a single person that has stayed there that was disappointed. Phrases "heaven on Earth", "best resort I've ever been to" and "you must stay there at least once in your lifetime" have been used to describe it.

It is definitely on our short list of resorts to stay at, but we haven't made it there.....yet.

If you'd like more information about The Four Seasons Resort Maui, click here.

The Fairmont Hotel

So you want super luxury but you don't want to pay super luxury pricing....

Okay, I've got the perfect place for you! The Fairmont Hotel in Wailea is the answer!

The Fairmont provides its guests with all the bells and whistles while still making it affordable enough for the rest of us. That is NOT to say it's cheap. On the contrary, this resort is still Maui Resort priced. But they go well beyond reasonable expectations to provide the highest level of satisfaction.

To learn more about the Fairmont Hotel, click here.

Affordable Maui Vacation Rentals

When you are a looking for economical ways to make your Maui dream vacation a reality, there are few stays more perfectly suited to your hopes, dreams and needs than Maui Seaside Hotel Kahului!

Maui Seaside Hotel

I don't know what I like more, the price of the rooms or the the aloha spirit that the Maui Seaside Hotel Kahului embodies.

Seaside Hotels was founded in 1956 by Richard Kimi, who loved the islands and believed that the world would come to know them as paradise on Earth.

Still run by his family, this hotel exemplifies the aloha spirit. The statement “"Komo Mai No Ka Hale" (Welcome to Our Home) is right on their website and is evident in everything that they do.

At less than $100/night, it is easily one of the most economical stays on the island AND is in Kahului, making it one of the closest quality stays to the airport that there is.

For more details about Maui Seaside Hotel Kahului, click here. (blog write-up currently under construction)

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