Maui's Banyan Tree Park in Lahaina

Banyan Tree Park is otherworldly.

I had never seen a banyan tree before. No one warned me. It does NOT look like a tree.

Why? Because it looks like a whole bunch of trees.

I can't tell where it starts or stops. It blew my mind. Seriously. I was fascinated. No wonder it's such a popular place to stroll and relax.

Kim and I stared at it for twenty minutes before I realized that we had missed our dinner reservations.

This is the way it was described to me: The roots become the trunk, becomes the branches, become a new trunk which becomes new roots which become the's never ending. Take a look below:

Does that look like any tree you've seen?

Well, maybe...if you live in Bangkok....

And before you ask...yes, that is a single tree.

Another Happy Hawaiian Transplant

On April 24, 1873, in Lahaina, a banyan tree was planted in the courthouse square to acknowledge the 50th anniversary of the first mission of American Protestants.

The young tree was a gift from missionaries from India which is where this particular banyan tree is native to.

The square is a wonderful example of something very true about Hawaii.

Since the islands are literally thousands of miles from anywhere in any direction, much of what is famous for being Hawaiian will have it's origins elsewhere. This banyan tree is a perfect example of a “traditional transplant”.

The Maui banyan tree is a species of tree that is not indigenous to the islands. However, Banyan Tree Park in Lahaina is synonymous with Maui. The Banyan Tree Park is a symbol of the island. In a nutshell, it's the Statue of Liberty of Maui.

(Google "who gave the U.S. the Statue of Liberty" if you don't get the reference)

It's alien, I tell you!

It's branches are also trunks which in turn are also the root system. That confounds me. In addition, some branches do have leaves. Kookie!!!

It is an incredibly unique looking tree. To look at a single trunk cluster, it looks like a tree. But if I'd follow the low lying branches to the next trunk cluster, it completely changed my perspective. I can honestly say I've never seen anything like this.

Popular Gathering Place

On any given day, you can find something going on at the Banyan Tree Park. Art fairs, musical festivals and children's events. Not to mention it being the strolling around standard of the dating crowd.

The Banyan tree's strange beauty has a peacefulness that almost hums. I felt like I was "inside" of it, in a way. It is a wonderful back drop for almost any occasion.

More than a few young men have asked their future brides for their hands in marriage there as well.

It's one of those places that should be experienced rather than be described. So go see it! Maybe then you can help me describe it!

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