What Are The Real Treasures Of Maui That Make It So Special?

Hi, my name is Doug Berger, and having a very public, life-long love affair with Maui tends to bring out the curiosity in folks.

What are the real treasures of Maui that make it so special?? With all of the amazing things to do, to see and experience, my response is always the same: "What's NOT special about this gorgeous island paradise?"

Where Does This Life-long Love Affair Come From?

My family's passion was born in 1971 when my parents visited Maui as part of a two-week Hawaiian vacation. When they came home they brought with them a condition called "Maui Fever".

The primary symptom of Maui Fever is a deep ache or longing to return to the island.

Growing up with the "afflicted", I got my own case of the fever. I wanted to go experience what my parents did. I wanted to understand what their excitement was all about. And I wanted it bad.

Having grown up with this "Maui Fever BY PROXY", I was determined to visit, but even into adulthood, plans to do so never seemed to work out.

Then, eleven years ago that all changed when I married my wife, Kim.

One of the things that we had in common was an uncommon love of Maui, and ironically, neither of us had ever been there!

A couple of years after we were married, we made our first of what would be many trips to the island, but not before our kids would do it no less than THREE times without us!

That's right...our two oldest daughters, Monica and Kelly, are the lucky ladies who beat us the punch...THREE TIMES! (It helped having family on the island at the time)

It's no surprise that the girls only made us want to visit more. They would come home telling us all sorts of stories about constantly trying new and amazing things to do on the island.

Monica, our oldest, ever the adventurer, learned how to surf and even enjoyed the island from above, as she soared overhead para-sailing!

Both Kelly and Monica snorkeled the crystal clear shores off of Kaanapali Beach and visited the impressive Iao Needle.

These memories are priceless and it is Monica's hope that she will one day call the island her home. Why not? It's got so much going for it.

Location, Location, Location! It all Starts with the Real Estate!

Just one visit quickly proves what an amazing and diverse place the Hawaiian islands are.

Located just south of the Tropic of Cancer in the Pacific Ocean, this beautiful "archipelago" (island chain) is truly unique for its unrivaled blend of isolated, tropical, romantic paradise AND ocean-side, metropolitan living.

Isolated....you bet! Hawaii is 5000 miles from Australia, nearly 4000 miles from Japan and 2500 miles from California. It sits smack-dab in the middle of the Pacific ocean and is literally an island chain unto itself.

But don't let the distance fool you! Is there metropolitan, big city living? Definitely!

Though Hawaii is approx. 2500 miles (4030 km) from California. Honolulu (the state's largest city) has a larger population than St. Louis, Tampa, Cincinnati, Buffalo or Pittsburgh.

And as for tropical, romantic paradise....well, see for yourself....

My family has been fortunate to experience a great deal that this island has to offer.

We've stayed at some of the most luxurious resorts on the island as well as the economical alternatives that are part of it's hidden treasures.

We've sampled the amazing local cuisine as well as some of the world-class restaurants that offer just about every cuisine you can think of.

I'll share with you our collective experiences on the best Maui has to offer in:

Each of the Hawaiian Islands has it's own unique personality. All of them offer a variety of worthwhile experiences. But Maui is just....different.

It captivates it's visitors as soon as they take their first few steps off of their airplane at Kahului Airport (OGG). From then on, it transforms its visitors, leaving them in a lifelong state of wonder.

It Claims Among Its Amazing Things To Do:

  • playing in the scenic seaside town of Lahaina
  • hiking the volcanic basin of Haleakala
  • experiencing the magical road to Hana!
  • world-class shopping
  • more art galleries, per capita, than any other city in the U.S.
  • 4 times the number of restaurants, per capita, than New York City
  • swimming at the over 30 miles of black, white & red sandy beaches
  • viewing the awe-inspiring migration of the humpback whales
  • touring the incredible lava tubes of Ka' Eleku Cavern
  • and so much more....

These, and countless other reasons are why my family and I believe that Maui is the crown jewel of the Pacific!

So stick around, share your thoughts, your photos, your memories and enjoy the aloha of it all!

This island is truly magical. It has a rhythm all its own. From the sandy beaches to the clouded mountain peaks; from the volcanic basin to the Pacific Ocean that surrounds it. This jewel is the sum of its parts. It all works together to make up the treasures of Maui.

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